Library Director  Amy Schumann   aschumann AT biblio DOT org  x101
Adult Services Beth Gaudette bgaudette AT biblio DOT org x102
Adult Services  Shanelle Dupre sdupre AT biblio DOT org  x102
Children's Librarian  Melissa McGoldrick        mmcgoldrick AT biblio DOT org       x104
Children's Services         Nadia Murtishi  nmurtishi AT biblio DOT org   x104


Employment Opportunities:


A part time, 10 hour a week, $14 an hour morning position that is responsible for the general housekeeping and cleaning
of the Thomaston Public Library. Adhere to daily, weekly, and monthly schedules of cleaning and maintenance as directed. Duties include:  bathroom cleaning, vacuuming, dusting, and keeping exits clear. 

Please fill out a town application and send to or drop it off at the main desk of the library.